Product attribute reference

The product attributes are defined in a JSON configuration file. For more information about JSON, see:

Each product configuration file consists of the following components:

  • The order in which the attributes are defined in the configuration file does NOT determine the order the fields are displayed on the New Order form. The order of fields on the page is predefined and cannot be changed.
  • If an attribute has only one option, then the option is auto-selected and cannot be changed in the Order form.
  • If the attribute has multiple options, the first option is the default.
  • If you define only one option, the option is auto-selected and cannot be changed when the order is created.
  • If you configure an attribute in this file, the associated field must be completed when an order is placed (you cannot create optional fields).

Delivery options is a global setting and is configured in a different file. For more information, see Configure delivery options.